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    QINGDAO HEAD PRODUCTS INT'L COMPANY has been in the business of clothes hangers since 2005. All these years of coat hangers export have given us the opportunity to get the feedback of many customers. Among the aspects noted, one of them was the change of color and the appearance of cracks on the hangers, as can be seen in the picture below.

Generally, wooden hangers are painted using the spray-painting technique. This technique enables to get different results on the hangers. Thus, hangers can have a uniform color or show wooden grooves, for example. However, clothes hangers can also be produced with no painting at all.

Not painted and white-painted hangers are the most sensitive. These hangers are the ones that suffer the most noticeable environmental effects. Their maximum storage time is of 1 year.

The white hangers frequently present one problem, namely the ageing of the color. Unfortunately, this is an unavoidable problem. These hangers are painted using ecological painting. Besides, the matt color has no surface protection. For this reason, after one year of use the color will most probably change. Concretely, the white color will gradually become yellow. Because of the action of the background color, many types of beige tones will appear. However, this phenomenon is not related to the quality of the product.

Another factor to consider is the humidity of the hangers.

The atmosphere of the original production site contains a percentage of humidity of 16%. The humidity of the hangers can be kept at a level of approximately 14% during the export. If the humidity percentage of the destination site is of less than 14%, some cracks may appear on the hangers if they are stored for a long time. This is also a natural feature of wooden hangers.

There are different solutions that could be used to solve this long-time storage problem:

1) One solution is to change the material for a wood imitation material or other resistant raw material.

2) The second solution is to increase the stability of the wooden material prior to production by boiling it with water. However, this solution necessary implies high costs.

3) The third one is to just reduce the storage time,

4) And the fourth one is to add a dehydration process after completion of production (however, the problem cannot be completely solved).

If the water component in the environment is of less than 11%, the bonding glue on the head part will also fail, what will lead to the opening of the head part. At this point it’s when new hangers must be ordered.

All these are the natural features of wooden hangers. Since hangers are a recyclable product, some natural features cannot be completely avoided.

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