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Is cheap clothes hanger low quality ?


Low quality plastic hangers

  Do you know there are more than 15 billion plastic hangers are produced worldwide each year.  15 billion
  These plastic hangers usually end their useful life at Boutique Checkout,  and then most of them were sent to landfill or ocean.  
  There are billions low quality plastic hangers produced. They are thin, weak and short life circle. Some of them deformed when hanging clothes. Normally , Large clothes retailors are the buyers of these low quality plastic hangers. In the end, The clothes seems lower class to the client for hangers reason, Damaged the brand image. Even the clients of fashion boutique want to get the free hangers back home. They can not use them in home . Then we got 100% waste rate on low quality plastic hangers. 

   Not only plastic hangers wasted happened. But also every tons plastic hanger produced, there will be 5.9 tons carbon dioxide come into being.  Then every year, We will got huge volume carbon dioxide only for plastic hangers. Not include the plastic production consumes 6% of the world oil output every year.

    High quality plastic hangers are pretty, almost 10-15 years life circle. They can be  reused thousand times.  That is cheaper and better than produce cheap lower quality hangers. The large branded retailor companies, Why dont they use high quality plastic hangers but choose cheap ones ?  What stop them from the better choice ? 

        In worldwide international business chain . Branded retailor has clothes produced in China, Malaysia, India.....  Far from the local market. In order to avoid high local salary and chase more profit from the international business. The clothes exported from the clothes manufacturer with hangers assembled.

        Then when the clothes reach the local market, the retailors just hang the clothes on the rack directly. But after the clothes sold , the hangers wont back to the clothes manufacturer for high cost of long distance and also for lack of servicer because it's low profit.  Then landfill is the only left way.  That makes it happen : For cost control reason. the hangers are cheaper and cheaper, Then they were produced lower and lower quality .  

                                                           How to solve this problem ?

      1.  Recycle to use service.  Now some large retailors willing to help the Recycle servicer to fullfill the recycle job.  They produce high quality plastic hangers for the fashion clothes, Recycle the hangers to ship to the garment producer. The more details can visit bolinreuse.com .
      2.  Produce recycled plastic hangers by wheat plastic, PLA material. they are biodegrable material. These normally used by smaller retailors who dont have the ability to recycle to use. Recycled plastic

       Writen on 26-Oct-2022.
        Head Int'l 
        Sunny and Linda.



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