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We had the opportunity to visit the beautiful and well-known Guilin once again.

Our company received the visit of three special customers, and they were interested in seeing our factories, especially the ones in charge of producing the recently-developed wheat straw hangers.

Thus, we picked them up and spent two entertaining days with them.

When they arrived in Guilin, it was already in the afternoon. Since it was too late, and they were also tired after a long journey, we left the factory visit for the next day.

That evening we went directly to their hotel, situated in Yangshuo County, one of the most charming places in Guangxi Province. We gave them some time to do the check-in and place their luggage. We also suggested them to take some time to relax if they needed.

After they were done with the hotel, we all met again and made our way to West Street, the most famous street, with many restaurants, pubs, and all type of attractions both for residents and for tourists.

The walk through this street let us know each other better, and also have lots of fun by enjoying the views and also trying some specialties of the place.

After the long day, we were all tired and hungry, so we were already considering where to go for dinner. Our customers had already tried Chinese specialties during lunch, so we all agreed on alternating and having a nice pizza for dinner.

The dinner gave us the chance to exchange ideas about many hot topics. Since we were a group of Chinese and Western girls, it was interesting to see the different views we all had about common topics. In general, it was a great idea to enjoy such an evening before concentrating on business.

The next day, right after breakfast, we picked up our customers from their hotel. From there, the driver took us to the factory they were interested in visiting.

As the previous times, it makes a big difference to see the products already made, and to see them in their manufacturing process.

Our customers were interested specifically in the wheat-straw hangers.

First of all, we sat down all together and introduced our company formally once again. That way, we made sure our customers were even more clear about our company.

Afterwards, we talked better about the features of this new type of degradable product, and of the new concept our customer needs. The advantage of visiting the factories personally is that the customer can see the production process and samples, and ask all their questions the same moment, which obviously saves a lot of time and helps to avoid misunderstandings.

After showing them the samples, we took a whole round to see the production process. They were also interested in seeing the raw material, so we all went together to see both raw materials: plastic and wheat straw.

Our customers were impressed by the finishing of some hangers, specially the smoothness of the ones which had a rubber finishing.

We saw different types and different colors, and the customer also asked us to send them some samples to their office.

Again, it was a profitable experience, not just for them, but also for us.

We definitely hope to have solved all their doubts and to further keep a good relationship in the future.



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