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2022 new design paper clothes hanger and accessories.



Every year, QINGDAO HEAD PRODUCTS INT'L COMPANY has new designs to solute some existed display problem. 


Eco friendly products is new trend in recent years. Recycled straw plastic hangers , recycled plastic hangers , recycled paper hanger , cardboard hangers are welcomed by more and more the fashion retail stores.

Paper cardboard hanger is not new products ,We  had manufactured and saled paper hangers for about more than 6 years. In HHANGER production lines.  The basic requirement of clothes hangers is the clothes hangers should can hang heavy clothes such as winter wears. So strength of cardboard hanger is the most important at begining of manufacture . We supply high quality cardboard hangers .  and designed metal clip to fit the requirement. 

It gave a lot trouble on production. 

Now we design a cardboard hanger with Metal hooks. This style coat hangers can lower the height of paper cardboard used and can make the hanger more pretty and fashion. (like the picture) On the samet time,  we upgraded the clips used on the cardboard paper hanger to solve the production problem . it is C923  , C924  to replace C902

Paper cardboard hangers can be used on undewear, children clothes , adult clothes displaying.  We produced C922 Removable hanging clips. These clips can be added on the top hangers. then the hangers can display top wear together with bottom clothes.


C923                                                                                                                                                                C922

We patented these new style hope can help our client got right quality hanger for your retail.





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