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Top Wood

   Clothes Hanger can be divided into different series, such as suit hangers,  top hanges, bottom hangers ,scarf hangers, shoes hanger, towel hangers, clothes accessories hangers,  underwear hangers ... and so on.   

   Shirt hangers wood is daily coat hanger produced and used worldwide. We can produce 100000 pieces per day. We can use different kinds of wood to produce hangers, such as maple, ash wood, lotus wood, birch , beech , pine , laminated wood and MDF......Each  wooden top hanger style has different section: shirt hanger,  shirt hanger with bar, shirt hangers with hanging bar, shirt hangers with clips... ...  . Different section used for topwear,  topwear with pants ,  topwear with bottom clothes,  topwear with skirts/trousers.

   Here we display the regular styles of shirt hangers for your reference. 

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