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504x291 (Original: 1317x762)

504x291 (Original: 1317x762)

                                                      Fashion Shop Display

  If you run your own clothes store, you sure have asked yourself how to improve your shop interior. As we already commented on previous articles, every item has its own suitable type of hangers. But apart from choosing the right type of clothes hangers, you can also do something to improve the impression your visitors get of your store. In the following paragraphs we give you some interesting ideas. 

  There are countless shops and, thus, many approaches to design the distribution of your shop interior. Among all those approaches there are also some common design strategies that all retailers can use to make the most of their business.

   In retail, the devil is in the details. Every small aspect is decisive for the impression of your shop on your potential customer. It will influence their decision of whether buying or not your products. That’s why we want to help you create the perfect design for your place.


 Decompression zone

The front space in your store, the first thing your potential clients see when they enter your store, is known as “decompression zone”. It is the space in which the clients will make the transition from the outside to your shop interior. This space is the first impression they will have, according to which they will estimate how cheap or expensive your store is, whether it is co-ordinated or not, and they will also see other aspects such as the lighting, accessories, screens and colors. Due to this transition phase, the visitors of your space will tend to overlook any product, signal or small item you place there.

To the right

It has been proved that most consumers unconsciously turn to the right when they enter a store. The first wall can thus make a big impact and gives a great potential to the goods on this space, so take this chance to place there the items you want to put the focus on.

Placing products on screen is also a good means to attract attention on them. Creating a special disposition of specific products will also allow you to tell stories of them or outline special features.

Make them stop

With all the effort and time you have invested in your merchandising strategy and the right placing of your products, the last thing you want is your customers to leave too quickly without observing your shop and products in detail. To avoid this, you can place the so-called "speed reducers”, which can basically be anything that offers the customer a visual rest.

Many retailers are already aware of the concept of “impulse product”. These products are normally placed close to the counters and, as their name says, they are bought by impulse, without previous planning. A good strategy is to place them together with the items they complement. Another good idea is to keep the products on higher demand at eye height and change the disposition on a weekly or, at least, regular basis.


Make sure your visitors feel comfortable 

You can also make your shop comfortable by including some type of waiting area with seats that encourage customers to spend more time in your shop, particularly if one buyer is accompanied by somebody not interested in buying or by children. In this case, it is very helpful to keep the seats or banks in front of the products.

Keep an eye on what happens in your store

A surveillance system can help you get information on many interesting aspects for your business.

As for the checkout, it should be placed on a location within the path followed by the visitors. For example, if they turn right and make a circle, you could place it at the end of this circle.

Designing your shop interior is an endless process. It is essential you take a part of your time, for example, some minutes after closing your store, to find ways to improve it. Also, take into account who your customers are, what they like and dislike, what you should avoid, and check if your design fits all these aspects.

The perfect design for your store is a win, both for your customers and for yourself.




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