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Quality : How to make sure the hangers are exactly as required ?

   HHanger supply all kind of clothes hanger include all kinds of material :Solid wooden ,steel wire, aluminium. bamboo, Laminated, Plastic , Velvet flocked,  Hollow Plastic, Rattan, Satin Padded. Pearl , Acrylic, MDF........ Every material has its own character and minor points.  We are professional on clothes hanger and factory management.  What we can say is the client should trust the supplier and to try. 

   We can not promise that 100% confident that there wont have problem. But from experience we hope can advice the client before order as follow.

  • Hanger is half automatic products , that means should not expect every hanger is 100% same as each other .
  • Pls make sure you noted clearly the unacceptable point of the hangers order for your target. Such as the size must no larger than .....mm 
  • Bad complain of clients often 

                1.  color of wooden hanger is not exactly same as samples.  : no way to be solved. wood is nature. born by nature. one tree different part has different color. 

                2.  It is not 100% perfect finishing .  If want 100% perfect finishing , should noted before quotation. that price is about 35% higher than regular up middle quality level.

                3.  The ordered did not reach the date:  every order , the clients need left 10-14 days space time in hand. For sometimes the status will out of control. 

                4.  The hangers surfaced was damaged for transportation . : Sometime we met violence upload or download during delivery. Even we signed contract with the forwarder , it is almost no hope to get any charge back from them for the situation.  But it not occurred often. But is the goods is important can not allow any damage. Suggest design strong package in advance. 



Custom Order, What should be pay attention to ?

  HHanger Team believe, personality always is a luxury matter. Custom order means personality. It has limited as follow 


           When an custom want to branded a hanger with business brand. That means we will make a mold for the LOGO and then print or laser or mold making it on the hangers.  That means there are extra cost occurred than the hanger itself.  It is 

           1.  LOGO mold

           2.  Logo machine open cost.  ( we have MOQ for different material hangers.)

          3.  Logo making expenses. (not much )


          Quotation always means standard exportation package, it is foam one between hangers and carton box.  Extra expenses will be quoted by the custom requirement details.


          Except exist hanger styles. any amendment on the shape of hanger means new mold making process.  So Even sample is no free.



Placed an order , When can receive the mass production ?

    When a hanger order was confirmed. The factory will ready the material and start the production by the time line below after deposit received.

order confirmation

Raw Material


Main Production



Value Left



to Seaport

Pass the

CN Custom




The custom

Truck Delivery

To Door

deposit receivedAbout 7-14 days21-28 days3 daysQuality Check 2-3 days3-7 days8-35 days7-10 Days3-5 days

No order amend

is allowed

Quality well


Mass production

Pictures shared

HHanger Reports

Clients arrange

Depend on

Truck Company

Depend on

shipping co.

Depend on


Depend on

local Truck Co.


HHanger Service Team.

Plan to order, What is the payment terms of Clothes Hanger ?

  By international business rule.  Normally we follow the payment terms as follow:

  •  1. For total value less than USD20,000. 

             We accept 30% of the total value as deposit of the order, After received the deposit, factory will start the ready of order and then go on the production.

             After the mass production finished. the payment should be done before the shipment or within one week after the goods were delivered depends on different clients.

  • 2. For total Value more than USD20,000 .00.

             We accept  T/T  or L/C at sight. 

How to send an effective inquiry to HHanger to get exact reply the clients need ?

 For culture difference, we might misunderstand each other during mails.   But we will send full information of business when we got the information below. 

 1.  What kind of hangers style needed ?  Specification or detail requirement of the style.  Or  What problem need to be solved.?

 2.  Where is the destination ?  

 3. How many pieces clothes hanger is the expected quantity. 

 4. Is custom brand needed  ?

 5. Is there any special requirement of package?

 6. When will you need the clothes hangers reach the destination?

After we got the information above , We will offer quotation option for your decision within 48 hours. If you thought the option is not OK. can let us know clearly where is the problem.  For Chinese Business Team love and good to solve any problem by different methods. but hard to understand the expression that is not directly.  ( just be a little rude on explain your problem.)  Such as , when you find the price is more than your target , just note us the value of money more than what I can bear.  We will offer other option to lower the cost to save your energy on starting another inquiry with a new supplier.

Interested in hangers, How to get reply quickly and right?

  We normally will reply the inquiry and mails in 24 hours. If you are interested in HHanger Clothes Hangers , Pls. Shoot a massage to the Mail box , info2@headht.com . 

  For Auto Trash control reason or Other reasons we don't know , Some inquiry might not be received. Without reply pls. can left massage to What'sapp: +86-18660279908. Will reply you within 24 hours.

  Also we have wechat, If you have wechat too. Pls. send your no by mail to info2@headht.com.

  For time difference. when you send your mails when your are on duty. We might reply you the next workday your side . 

   HHanger Service Team.



What is assigned hanger supplier ? When the customer place clothing order in China or South Asian Countries. Might need the clothes packed together with hanging hangers. In order to keep the hangers same styles as branded clothes need and also save the works on sourcing hangers. The branded clothes company will offer an assigned hanger supplier to the clothes factories. So the hanger supplier will in charge to send the right hangers to the clothing factories in time.

We have full experience on working as assigned hanger supplier . We can arrange the delivery to the different factories. Also gather the used hangers from their warehouse world wide then selected the good ones and repack them and then send back to the clothes factories ,by this way to avoid large volume waste and environment damage. We offer better service to save the factories cost and professional hanger solution advice. mail us for the details.


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