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I got the inquiry from the customer when I was on the trip to the BERLIN SHOW. It was boring on the plane, so I had plenty of time to think about this inquiry. The customer noted me that she wanted to hang suits using twin hangers to make it look pretty. As she noted, her brand is a great outdoor clothing brand. 

I thought this wouldn’t be a hard job: her problem could be easily solved using metal hangers. I can join two equal hangers, or one top and one bottom hanger together. After seeing my designs, the customer agreed on the fact that metal hangers look more elegant than plastic ones. 

I drew 4 designs as on the picture. The client confirmed they would need 20,000 pieces, which is a good quantity. At that moment I found my drawing amazing. I thought it could easily show the functions of the hangers. After years, now I see it and I wonder how the customer managed to get my point

After talks and discussions for long time, the client acceded to make the drawings become real hangers. That was exciting. I tried my best to avoid production difficulties, since my specialty is not design, but sales.

The first samples looked like a goose: with a long neck. The customer deals with winter clothes, so I thought they might need a long neck for the heavy fur. Obviously, I thought too much.

Anyway, after further tries, I finally got the design below. I loved them. In my opinion, really nice products, very good-looking and metal branded coat hangers, so I was very proud of them.

But, to my surprise, the customer did not order 20,000 pieces as they had originally said. They just ordered a trial quantity of 2,000 pieces only. I was disappointed at this point, but it turned out to be a positive thing later. 

The hangers got the best result on the load bearing and other tests. 

However, after production, the hangers were packaged 30 pieces per box. And you know what, when they reached the destination, the hook had got broken. This design was hard to pack, and thus, during the shipping, the transportation pressure damaged the hangers. 50 % of the goods were broken. 

As a result, I had to produce the hangers once again and to find a better way to package them. As you see, business was never easy.

The client balanced the matter with me. I improved the production and she balanced the freight transportation. This business didn’t run smoothly, but any of the parties got angry for anything, except for the lost clothes hangers.




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