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Summary of the Africa Uganda 2019 Industrial Capacity Cooperation Exhibition

After taking part in this exposition, our CEO Linda Feng decided to express her experiences and her ideas for the future:

 Many people say Africa is a gold mine waiting to be discovered. There are also many people who say this continent is full of dangers and needs to be explored carefully. As one of my friends says, no matter what others say, the only thing that matters is your own feeling. You need to find out by yourself. And I totally share this idea.

 At the same time, we see the China-US trade war as the beginning of a long-term confrontation that will not be settled in the near future. The high-tax customs policy adopted by the US is bound to exert big pressure onto Chinese exported products. Once the 25% import tariff is successfully implemented, it will mean a disparity in the profits. And this even though the US cannot find any substitute with such a large-scale production capacity in the short term. The gap will make us lose our competitive edge quickly. I personally consider that, in some respects, the US tariff barrier policy will help China's One Belt One Road plan to advance. Originally, domestic enterprises have great competitive pressures, but it is not easy to make a decision to go out. Because of this decision, we must bring production technology out and transfer orders to a market that is not subject to a high tax burden. However, in the shadow of the spread of Ebola virus, it is really not easy to make a decision to show Africa. I feel a little reluctant.

 On 2019/7/22 I set foot on the plane, transferred from Hong Kong to Dubai, and then flew from Dubai for 4.5 hours. I arrived in Uganda. A country in the East African Union, known as the pearl of Africa. The climate is milder, at 18 degrees, and the direct sunlight is very strong. However, as long as there is shade, it feels very cool and the air has a high water content. The place is rich in vegetation. Lake Victoria, the largest freshwater lake, is connected to the White Nile River and can be reached in Egypt after three months.

At the beginning of the exhibition, there were a lot of visitors. Our display pictures were relatively simple, so they were easy to understand. Many people were very interested. At the end of the exhibition, we found that Africa is a place where everyone is very enthusiastic about opportunities. They hope to get opportunities to start a business through negotiation. Hangers are a small industry, but they are an industry in which it is relatively easy to make achievements, so we have big confidence on our products.

It is easy for African guests to make a decision, but they don’t have enough strength, so they also retreat quickly. This leads to a high failure of the cooperation business. However, if you are cautious, business projects can be promoted easier than in developed countries. This way, both sides can get commonly developed.

 The government in Uganda is cautious about trade. They have a very high tax burden: a comprehensive 53%, as well as a weak industrial base and low wages. Under these circumstances, production equipment is welcome. Apart from the production equipment for wooden hangers, we also have 20 years of production experience and a market share, which can help them solve the problems that may be encountered during production. At the same time, we can also support them in sales. All this contributed to the enthusiasm of our guests for co-operating with us.

 At this exhibition, we exhibited a wooden hanger production line with a total of 10 machines. The introduction of the product was very detailed to deal with the concerns of the guests during the exhibition. Finally, we received the praise from the guests.

  We met different types of guests:

Election committee staff

Woodworking craftsmen

Other types of businessmen


These farmers, who are very interested in the agricultural greenhouses as well as in water and fertilizer integration systems, had no professional business staff in the next booth. I will help them to promote their projects, and help them find a team that is very interested. Shunke's boss is eager to work with us to launch their products.

I am considering whether to increase this business project. Because unlike my main business, if we divide our strength to do this market, we need to differentiate our business team. It is a decision that needs to be treated with caution. But we really hope to help them.



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